Monday, August 24, 2009

C'mere a minute.

If ever I have the delusion that I will one day be the next great writer, I had first better write something.

It's likely that I will end up being remembered more as, say, a Rosencrantz or a Guildenstern over a Hamlet. Still! I open my first blog post by vowing to create a character worthy of such a tragedy. To be honest to myself, though, it’s going to end up looking more like a Christopher Durang play than a Shakespeare.


Off to a bad start.

Here is the scoop. ‘CHANGWATCH’ has become a moniker for anytime I want to be at the apex of snarkiness, the pinnacle of putting people in their place (and other alliteration), and at the top of saying whatever bastard thing pops into my head. As They Might Be Giants sang, “I should be allowed to shoot my mouth off / I should have a call-in show.”

Once upon a time, like all bad cliches begin, I had this notion that I would have a website for my idea of the ‘Changwatch.’ An explanation of the origin of that phrase will follow soon. The subtitle was going to be ‘out for assholes,’ as in ‘Chang... watch out for assholes.’ Well, my big notion has become a big reality. That is, as real as one can get on the internet [insert big weighty rant on how it's so fake that we all live in cyber blah blah blah we only exist as numbers blah blah Matrix reference].

So, here it is, queers!

My very own blog!!

Assholes beware. I'm gonna be a-callin’ you out!

Oh, and you can expect better grammar in the future. This is familiarity. It’s a trick for luring suckers.